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That phrase sums up the positive, local focus of the magazine and Web site that represent the electric cooperatives of Kentucky, and their values.

KentuckyLiving.com offers the same focus on the life and people of Kentucky that you’ll find in Kentucky Living…with a few unique twists for the Web. Both Kentucky Living magazine and KentuckyLiving.com continue to support electric cooperatives in Kentucky by carrying out the purpose of creating a community of people who take pride in thinking of themselves as Kentuckians and as knowledgeable electric co-op members in order to improve their quality of life. Kentucky Living magazine is the largest circulation publication in the state. Each month it is received by more than 500,000 homes and businesses, and is read by more than 1.2 million people.

That’s the phrase that embodies the priority of Kentucky’s electric cooperatives and its statewide representative, the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives. As user-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities, the electric co-op focus will always be on delivering the best combination of cost and service to local electric consumers.

KAEC provides several services for the 24 local, consumer-owned electric distribution utilities in the state, as well as the two “generation and transmission” cooperatives that produce power for those distribution co-ops. Those services include representation before the Legislature, Congress, and regulatory bodies; safety training; coordination of management training; and public relations support including publication of Kentucky Living magazine. KAEC is governed by a board consisting of one manager and one director from each of its 26 member systems, and is headquartered in Louisville. Kentucky’s electric co-ops are committed to improving the quality of life for Kentuckians by providing a high level of electrical service at the lowest possible price through a local, consumer-owned form of business organization.