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Gratitude is in their eyes, and their shiny coats, and their waggly tails. Their stories, and the stories of their rescuers, are collected in a great big bear hug of a book: Kentucky Living’s Creature Comforts.

The book garnered author Paula Sparrow a Media Advocacy Award from Pet Groups United.

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Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts champions Kentuckians who give of themselves for neglected and abandoned animals.

Written quarterly by Paula Sparrow since 2003, Creature Comforts shines a light on Kentucky's best and brightest animal shelters, education centers and rehabilitation facilities, and the people who oversee them.

The column has resulted in animal adoptions and donations, as well as public education about these sanctuaries and the needs of animals.

Each installment focuses on a different shelter or sanctuary and a wide range of animals.

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Second Chances for Wildlife

Second Chances for Wildlife   Cindy Lou is sniffing a visitor's fingers. Blackjack is working his best moves to get some attention. And Cash is insisting he needs to be...

Researched and updated frequently, this is the Commonwealth’s most comprehensive list of animal rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and rehabilitation facilities.