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Future of Electricity
Energy 101
Energy Savers

Check out what these energy professionals do to discover if an energy career is right for you.

A whole new light

The first two LED light sources I bought years ago still work—and yet they're not quite right...

Quick guide to today's energy-saving lights

This chart compares the three different kinds of lights you can buy when you need to replace an old-fashioned incandescent bulb...

Cutting Costs
Gadgets & Gizmos
Keeping your air conditioner cool

An old central air conditioner or heat pump often does conk out on the hottest days because it is running almost nonstop to keep the house cool...

Caring for students, the economy, and the quality of life

Student games in BARDSTOWN, Helping hospice groups in NICHOLASVILLE, and Developing the economy in MCKEE

A clean and healthier phone

You stuff it in your pocket or purse, slide it down the couch cushions, drop it on the floor, take it in the bathroom, spill lunch on it, stab it with your finger...