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Future of Electricity
Energy 101
Kentucky Living 2014 Energy Guide

Check out the Kentucky Living Energy Guide for tips on reducing your annual energy costs for heating and cooling, lighting, and water heating.

Energy inventors

When I put on my safety glasses and walk into a research lab, my heart beats faster—what if somebody I meet turns out to be the Edison of our century? Will the next...

Perfect power

If you could see them, the tiny electrons flowing through power lines would look like recurring waves. For utilities, the term "power quality" means keeping those wave...

Cutting Costs
Gadgets & Gizmos
How to know when appliances are too old

There are many things to think about when considering an appliance upgrade—the age of the existing appliance and whether it's likely to need expensive repairs soon...

Energy action

Electric co-ops around the state have been asking their members to send comments to the Environmental Protection Agency, about proposed rules restricting the use of coal-...

Picture presents

Seasonal greetings for some is a signature on a drugstore card, for others it's a quick handwritten note, for others it's an essay on the past year's activities. For...