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Customize your campus visits

While online tours and Web sites are a great source of information, when it's time to finalize your top college choices, there's perhaps no better tool than the campus...

Wintry Kentucky

Toby and Willie, Haflinger geldings, kicking up their heels in the snow. Greensburg, Ky. Photo by Jessie Lynn DeVuyst, Taylor County member.

Co-ops to EPA: slow down, change course

The December 1 deadline for submitting comments on the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rules on global warming brought an avalanche of responses from electric...

Smart Moves
Byron Crawford's Kentucky
Kentucky Kids
An X-ray alternative

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Americans, and this problem is even more pronounced in Kentucky. The majority of lung cancers are diagnosed in late...

Icy wonders

"Simply for the beauty of it." Tom Martin answers without hesitation when asked what so often draws him outdoors during Kentucky's worst winter weather. An author...