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Snap Shot
Fun Runs

From color showers, foam or mud to zombies, glow-stick lit darkness, and army-style endurance obstacle courses, these extreme races deliver family-friendly fitness...

Sunset Slalom

Wes Warren water-skiing at Dale Hollow Lake at sunset. Vickie Pruitt, who took the photo, says this "is the most amazing lake for boating, skiing, fishing, and spending...

Five Acres of Patriotism

The year after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bob and Doris Burr of Bowling Green wanted to do something to "show support" for their country...

Smart Moves
Byron Crawford's Kentucky
Kentucky Kids
Protect your hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss has become a widespread and serious public health issue, according to the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Recent research...

Nostalgia in the corner pocket

My longtime friend and onetime eight-ball opponent, Ron Bland of Bagdad, asked the other day what's happened to all the poolrooms that once were fixtures in most towns...