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Snap Shot
Bringing Help and Hope

It wasn't supposed to snow. After all, it was spring break for the college students who had wound their way into rural eastern Kentucky from across the nation.

My favorite pet

Jack Russell terrier, Dusty would sit patiently in the chair staring out the window waiting for a squirrel to show up... or a rabbit.
Photo by Mary Ann Ladrigan.

Students + science = lunch in a mug

When you mix science and math at Holiday Elementary School in Hopkinsville, you get five 4th-graders known as the Hug-A-Mug girls.

Smart Moves
Byron Crawford's Kentucky
Kentucky Kids
Not just for kids

Even adults need immunizations. Vaccines are recommended based on age, prior vaccinations, health, lifestyle, occupation, and travel.

Garage treasure

A few days ago I found myself in a no man's land we call our garage...