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Snap Shot
We salute you

Ronald Allari enlisted in the United States Army in 1965, and it wasn't long before he distinguished himself. During his 21 years in the military, Allari piloted both...

Kentucky wildlife

A fawn was found outside my house underneath the peony bush in Garrard County, KY. Photo by Carolyn Bourne, Inter-County Energy member.

Paintings of the land and the people

"People and the Land" is an exhibit of 30 paintings by Elsa Bekkala that will run through November 29 at the Janice Mason Art Museum in Cadiz.

Smart Moves
Byron Crawford's Kentucky
Kentucky Kids
An X-ray alternative

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Americans, and this problem is even more pronounced in Kentucky. The majority of lung cancers are diagnosed in late...

Great teachers inspire

When autumn whispers her last, sweet goodbyes, and November comes rustling over a leafy carpet of crimson and gold, I am often drawn back in thought to Mrs. Elsie...