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10 décor tips to Decked Out Dorms

Dorm rooms—or "residence hall" rooms, as colleges prefer them to be called—are unquestionably the smallest spaces we live in over the course of our lives...

Sunset Slalom

Wes Warren water-skiing at Dale Hollow Lake at sunset. Vickie Pruitt, who took the photo, says this "is the most amazing lake for boating, skiing, fishing, and spending...

EPA greenhouse gas rules raise cost concerns for co-ops

The head of the organization representing the nation's electric co-ops says the latest carbon dioxide rule from the Environmental Protection Agency aimed at existing coal...

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Women should not ignore pelvic organ prolapse

Half of the women who have had children will experience a form of pelvic organ prolapse later in life. More than one of every 10 women will have at least one surgery to...

A man of letters

He was a man after my own heart, Rob Wilson. Although we never met, I am guessing that his spirit must often amble along with me when I am wandering in the woods, drawn...