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Great teachers inspire

By Writing career is harvested from seeds planted in fifth grade from November 2014 Issue

Great teachers inspire

Credit: Melissa Warp

When autumn whispers her last, sweet goodbyes, and November comes rustling over a leafy carpet of crimson and gold, I am often drawn back in thought to Mrs. Elsie…
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    My most poignant memories of years spent tracking stories through eastern Kentucky are images of mourners trudging, single file...

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    A few days ago I found myself in a no man's land we call our garage...

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    He was a man after my own heart, Rob Wilson. Although we never met...

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    Here they were in my hands, the most dangerous days of Dallas Jacobs' 91 years, scribbled in pencil on unlined paper in what he...

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    You may want to keep a Kentucky map handy for this one, folks.

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    About this time each year—when the suddenly soft breezes stir among wildflowers and new grasses—Anthony Trammell's...

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    Someone could write a wonderful children's book about "Miss Helen, the blind cow." All I can do is tell you about her heart. On...

  • Returned with regrets

    When I recently crossed paths with Carol Ann Hunter, who I'd not seen in years, she mentioned that she still has her pennies.

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    Writer preserves valuable memories of a way of life

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    Your best gift may be to listen

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    A pocketful of hope becomes life full of devotion for Spencer County couple

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    Back-to-school blue jeans easy to laugh about now

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    Volunteer railroaders recount glory days of steam engine no. 152