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50 Years Ago in Kentucky Living

from May 2014 Issue

"With the thousands of items offered for sale today, it is difficult to know when we are actually getting our money's worth."

That was the opinion expressed by Mrs. Esther Peterson, Special Presidential Assistant for Consumer Affairs. The good practices of the common market place should be the common practices of the market place, she stated. Most manufacturers and merchandisers have shown a sincere desire to cooperate with her office in assisting the homemaker in getting the most for her money.

Mrs. Peterson was the guest speaker at a tea held in conjunction with the annual Congressional Breakfast sponsored by Kentucky's rural electric cooperatives in Washington the latter part of March. Approximately 75 wives of Kentucky's rural electric leaders and their guests attended the tea.

In speaking of some of the undesirable practices which exist, Mrs. Peterson cited examples of persons receiving items through the mail which they did not want and did not ask for. These persons then have to go to the expense and trouble of sending this merchandise back. Pointing out that it was not necessary for the recipients to accept these items, she stated that this practice is proving a burden to people in low income groups.