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A conversation we should all have

By Anita Travis Richter from April 2014 Issue

One of the discussions on the Kentucky Living Health Club, our private Facebook group that began in December and ran through March to address the topic of successful aging, has been how to have a conversation with your loved ones about your end-of-life wishes.

The Conversation Project helps you get started on talking about a hard subject that most of us avoid. You fill in the blank: "What matters to me at the end of my life is: ________________ ."

It's for everyone, not just aging individuals. Go to to learn more. You can download the starter kit that walks you through step by step so nothing is left unsaid.

Dr. Raymond Francis' Never Feel Old Again: Aging Is a Mistake—Learn How to Avoid It offers sensible information on maintaining health and avoiding the frailty of old age. In Dr. Francis' book, readers gain a fundamental understanding of why we experience accelerated aging and learn how to keep their bodies in good repair to look and feel their best at any age. For more information on the book and to watch a video go to