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Resolution and hope

Develop a plan, but then add a wish 

Dum spiro, spero. I know a guy who has that embroidered on a golf head cover. If your Latin is a little rusty, let me translate it for you: Dum spiro, spero means “While I breathe, I hope.” If you are a golfer, that is most certainly a statement that you live by. However, I also believe it fits well for fishing, hunting, farming and life in general.

January is a time when many people make resolutions for the upcoming year. I have made them over time. Sometimes I have success, and other times I give up in a couple of weeks. What are your resolutions for this year? Lose some weight. Read more books. Be a better parent. Be a better son or daughter. Tell loved ones what they really mean to you more often. 

There is a fine line between a resolution and hope. Something we hope for may or may not require any action on our part to come true. We simply are wishing that things will be different. A resolution is developing a goal and then creating a plan of action to make that a reality. I hope that this year we can make those resolutions stick. 

Your electric cooperative makes resolutions every year. It is critical for an electric utility to make extensive plans. In the winter, snow and ice are always a possibility. Cooperatives continually upgrade poles, wire and equipment. They have detailed plans for trimming trees to prevent day-to-day outages and plans for responding to widespread emergencies.

Other resolutions that your cooperative makes include how to be an active member of the communities it serves and how to improve the communities in its service area. Cooperatives across the state help recruit new businesses that will bring jobs. They work with schools and local colleges to make sure the workforce of the future is well-educated and ready to contribute.

Your electric cooperative makes resolutions, but they also have some hope. They hope that the big storms they prepare for never happen. They hope that their communities prosper. They hope that our children and young people are safe and reach great heights. They hope for a safe year for employees and the members they serve.

Dum spiro, spero. While I breathe, I hope. I hope it’s a good year. Let’s resolve to make it so.

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