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South Kentucky RECC
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Touchstone Energy Home
Rebates of $750 for new homes with geothermal systems or high-efficiency air-to-air heat pumps, or $250 for new homes with high-efficiency air-to-air heat pump; floor plan must be provided; blower door test is required. There are three ways to qualify, please speak to an energy advisor for more information.

Button-Up Weatherization
Available only for electrically heated homes more than two years of age; for addition of energy-efficient windows and doors and/or insulation and weatherization upgrades, receive $40 for every 1,000 BTU saved; requires a pre- and post-heat loss calculation test. There are four levels of incentives, please speak to an energy advisor for more information.

Duct Seal
For a $75 fee, refunded after the duct seal is complete, qualifying homeowners with electric heat pumps or furnaces can have their ducts tested and sealed, producing a savings of as much as $170 per year in some homes.

Resistant Heat to Heat Pump
For a stick-built home, $500 to $1,000 incentive payment for upgrading from ceiling cable, baseboard, or electric furnace to either a high-efficiency heat pump or geothermal system. If you are purchasing a new manufactured home and putting in a high-efficiency heat pump, you will also qualify for an incentive. Please speak to an energy advisor for more information.

Electric Thermal Storage
Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heaters use ceramic bricks to store heat given off by elements inside the heater, which come on during the co-op’s off-peak times to heat up the bricks. ETS is a good replacement for gas and fuel oil space heaters and wood stoves and as a supplement to existing heating systems. Please speak to an energy advisor about ETS.

Peak demand usage conservation program; offers bill credits for participating A/C and water heater units. Please speak to an energy advisor for more information. For more info see “SimpleSaver” article at top.

ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebates
Members can receive incentives for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR-certified appliances. Rebates vary depending on the appliance. Qualifying appliances include: refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, clothes washers, heat pump water heater, heat pump upgrade (must be a minimum of 15 SEER), and air conditioning (central unit). Please speak to an energy advisor today about the amounts of rebates.

Appliance Recycling
Members can receive a $50 incentive to recycle old, energy inefficient refrigerators and freezers. The refrigerators and freezers must still be in working condition; plugged in and running at the scheduled pickup time; between 7.75 and 30 cubic feet; and empty and defrosted, with water lines disconnected at scheduled pickup time. To have an old refrigerator or freezer picked up, have your South Kentucky RECC account number ready and call 1-844-HAUL4ME (844-428-5463) to schedule a free pickup.

Energy Audits
An extensive audit is available to members where they can learn practical ways and places to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This is a free audit by our energy advisors. Please speak to an energy advisor about scheduling your audit.

Members can also visit our Web site and take a free home energy audit through South Kentucky RECC’s BillingInsights online application. The link is on the right side of the home page. Members need their SKRECC account number to begin the analysis. By answering some simple questions about your home’s square footage, age, number of occupants, and a few other variables, including types of appliances, windows, and televisions, members will find out where their energy dollars are being spent.

ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program
If you’re thinking of purchasing a new manufactured home, be sure to request the ENERGY STAR Manufactured Home Program to your salesperson. You may be eligible for an ENERGY STAR-certified upgrade at no additional cost. In most cases, manufactured homes installed in our co-op service territory may be upgraded to ENERGY STAR standards through this energy-efficiency program. Right now, that’s an average savings of about $1,100 each year or about $90 a month on your electric bill.

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