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Lori Brown Patrick

Fact Checker

Lori Brown Patrick, the Grammarwitch, has been a professional freelance editor for more than 16 years and became Kentucky Living’s fact checker in early 2002. Lori vets most of the articles and columns that appear in the print version of Kentucky Living. Since she started fact-checking for the magazine, she has developed a compulsive need to fact-check everything. Even her kids’ Facebook posts. Especially her kids’ Facebook posts.

The founder and CEO of Grammarwitch LLC, Lori not only keeps Kentucky Living on the straight and narrow, she also edits book-length fiction and nonfiction (and creates the occasional index, but only if you ask nicely). After working with words all day, she prefers to relax in the evenings by…reading. Lori also enjoys writing, music, making medicinal potions with herbs; and upcycling furniture. For therapy, she hand-sews cloth napkins and gives them away as gifts

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