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Kentucky Living is celebrating the energy of your community.

Kentucky Living magazine is published to improve the quality of life for a community of people who take pride in thinking of themselves as Kentuckians and knowledgeable electric co-op members. Since the creation of Kentucky Living in the late 1940s, we’ve been proud to uphold those values as we serve more than one million readers in print, and countless more on

For your favorite recipes, information about ideal travel spots or practical gardening tips, browse the Kentucky Living magazine archives or check out our Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events around  Kentucky. If you’re looking for a fun and informative community that cares about the same things you do, welcome home.

Electric co-ops keep the lights on for Kentuckians.

Kentucky Living magazine is published by the Kentucky Electric Cooperatives. Both the print version of Kentucky Living magazine and continue to support electric cooperatives in Kentucky by helping to build communities who take pride in their culture. Kentucky Living is the largest circulation publication in the state, with a readership of  about one million readers and a circulation of more than 475,000 homes and businesses.

The Kentucky Electric Cooperatives is proud to serve these readers through statewide representation. As user-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities, the electric co-op focus will always be on delivering the best combination of cost and service to local electric consumers.

Kentucky’s electric co-ops are committed to improving the quality of life for Kentuckians by providing a high level of electrical service at the lowest possible price through a local, consumer-owned form of business organization.

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