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Back To School—this Means You

“Back to school” is a phrase that should include parents as well as students.
This annual Kentucky Living education issue looks at learning in Kentucky in different ways: we report on an electric co-op program that awards students a trip to our nation’s capital; we describe new college presidents; and we highlight children’s literature.

But what keeps bubbling up in my mind can be found in the list in the Commonwealths section. Item 5 recommends getting involved in your child’s education.

After three years as a public-school parent I can think of few things more important than that advice.

A lot of our daughter’s success I chalk up to us doing our homework as parents. That means researching schools and teachers, getting involved in school-related activities, discussing concerns with teachers or the principal, and even paying responsible attention to school gossip. It calls for continuous involvement every day, from helping with school homework to encouraging involvement in extra activities. I see the results of those efforts every day, and I ache for parents who can’t get more involved because of job or family requirements.

But whatever you can do, do. Go to the PTA meeting. Help organize the fund-raiser. Volunteer in the classroom. Attend the school play. Help with homework. And when you think you can’t keep your eyes open any longer to read to your child before bed, read for just a few more minutes.

You’ll forever be glad you did.

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