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Here are some books by
Kentucky authors, or about Kentucky kinds of things. Read about
others on the Internet by visiting

Country Music Annual 2001,
edited by Charles K. Wolfe and James E. Akenson (The University
Press of Kentucky, $20): The second volume of essays on country
music calls it a group of styles that share common historical,
cultural, and demographic roots. Ten pieces cover topics including
the gospel group Jerry and Tammy Sullivan, historical bluegrass
figure Sally Ann Forrester, and surveys that explore the
connection between country music and cable television and NASCAR

Place Gives Rise to Spirit:
Writers on Louisville, edited by Kathleen Driskell (Fleur-de-Lis
Press, $23): Thirty-one essays by noted playwrights, fiction and
nonfiction writers, journalists, and poets cover the meaning of
Louisville neighborhoods, landmarks, history, and people. Writers
include Dianne April, Elisabeth Beattie, James Bickers, Grady
Clay, Bob Edwards, and Frank X Walker.

The Horseman’s Illustrated
, by Steven D. Price (The Lyons Press, $40):
Hundreds of illustrations and photos of more than 1,000 terms,
from acey-deucy (a jockey’s way of adjusting stirrups) to zebra
dun (a tan horse with black stripes on its forearms.)

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