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Geneva Rice wanted a vegetable garden but she didn�t have much dirt in her yard. Coleman and Callaway Stivers didn�t have much room. Susan Peek found a way to garden with less water. And Carlos McClure uses old Christmas trees for bean trellises.

These Kentuckians wouldn�t let problems like lack of space or soil stop them from gardening. When Kentuckians want a vegetable garden, they�re going to have a vegetable garden.

You can read about these and other clever Bluegrass gardeners who applied imagination and creativity to overcome garden obstacles.

Kentucky garden innovators also bring their brains to larger issues, like reducing their impact on the environment. The story describes ideas Kentuckians use for lawn care, watering, and mulching that bring the gardener and the garden closer together.

�There is a reason for every creature and every process,� says Chris Korrow, whose photography of bugs teaches him lessons about interaction between people and the rest of nature.

So maybe it�s not such a long trip from ants and bees to worldwide environmental issues.

The Future of Electricity column is in the midst of a series on ways scientists think we can reduce the impact on global warming. This month�s column covers efforts to reduce coal plant emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

Kentucky has a special stake in anything that affects coal-burning power plants, since that�s what produces nearly all the state�s electricity. Reliance on that coal is among the reasons our state has some of the lowest electric rates in the nation.

It makes sense, then, that Kentucky electric cooperatives are among the leaders in burning coal more efficiently. New technology implemented by East Kentucky Power Cooperative allows more electricity to be produced from the same amount of coal. It�s a solution good for business and the environment.

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