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Clueless And Keyless

friend of my husband’s loves to tell the following story about his
parents, Tom and Betty (not their real names). About 20 years ago
they rented an RV and went south for a vacation. When the vacation
was over they headed home. Tom preferred to drive so Betty decided
to take a snooze in the back of the RV.

After a while Tom stopped for
gas and left Betty asleep in the RV. While he was inside paying
for the gas, Betty woke up and went in search of a bathroom.
Meanwhile Tom got back in the RV and drove off. The amazing thing
is that he made it all the way home without noticing she wasn’t on

Another rest-stop horror story
happened just a few weeks ago to my aunt. She and her husband were
returning to Kentucky from a wedding in Florida. They stopped for
a break and my aunt headed for the bathroom. The car keys were in
her jeans pocket and just as she flushed they fell out and
disappeared into never-never land.

The extra set of keys was at home, and it was a holiday weekend so
all the car dealerships were closed. They rented a car and a few
days later they drove back and picked up the abandoned vehicle.

I am proud to report that both couples remained married after
these events.

When it comes to car keys I’ve
done some silly things myself. Last summer I went to the post
office, parked my car, locked it, and went inside. When I came
back out I punched the button on my key chain to unlock my car. It
didn’t work. I punched again and again, still no luck. The police
station was just across the road so I walked over and asked the
officer if he would help me.

He scratched his head and
looked at me oddly. "If the button won’t open your lock why
don’t you just use the key?" My face turned red and I slunk
back outside to my car, wondering how I ever got so dependent on
technology that I could forget to use the key!

I suppose the appropriate
motto for all these stories would be the one the Boy Scouts use:
"Always be prepared."

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