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Companions For The Madness

you ask sports fans in Kentucky what is exciting about March, they
will tell you that it is NCAA Tournament time. It can also mean a
time to dig into a good book with televised games in the
background. Here are new reads to complement March Madness.

Photography buffs will
certainly enjoy Steve Talbott’s collection of photos titled A
Lot of Bull About Kentucky
(Turner Publishing, $34.95).
Talbott is a Winchester native who spent nine years completing
this pictorial overview of Kentucky. Each page contains a color
photograph of a Kentucky subject as well as tidbits and trivia
about our state. Talbott has covered all 120 counties in a range
of all four seasons. Even the oldest Kentuckian will discover new
places or facts. This book would make a great coffee table
conversation piece.

Paul Brett Johnson has written
yet another children’s book that is entertaining to adults as
well. The Goose Who Went Off in a Huff (Orchard Books,
$15.95) continues the series of Miss Rosemary’s farm. In this
adventure, Miss Rosemary’s goose, Magnolia, is ready to be a mom.
She tries to teach chicks to swim, a rubber duck to walk, and
Easter eggs to hatch. After a good scolding by Miss Rosemary for
her silliness, Magnolia waddles off in a huff. When Magnolia
doesn’t show up for dinner, Miss Rosemary begins to worry that
Magnolia has joined the circus. Read with your children to find
out what happens to Magnolia, the silly goose.

If Kentucky comfort food makes
your tummy rumble, check out Greta Hipp Burkhart’s cookbook, Kentucky-Always
In Season
(McClanahan Publishing House, $19.95). Recipes for
good old down-home favorites are included, with some being updated
with a modern flair. Learn to make Kentucky Hot Browns, Autumn
Apple Chicken, Great Aunt Helen’s Meatloaf, even Bourbon Chocolate
Cheesecake, among many other tasty dishes and desserts. A few
vegetarian recipes are included as well. Burkhart’s tastebud-tempting
concoctions are sure to become some of your favorites.

Whether you are a sports fan
or not, Tony Franklin’s Fourth Down and Life to Go (BadCoaches
Inc., $19.95) makes for very interesting reading. Franklin was the
Offensive Coordinator for the University of Kentucky football
program under Hal Mumme. After much criticism and even threats,
Franklin details here the wrongdoings of the UK football program,
including those of Coach Mumme. He has correlated each scenario
with a lesson he has learned and hopes to convey to others for use
in the workplace, in relationships, and everyday life. Franklin
also highlights some of the "shining stars" of the
program and recalls several happy memories as well.

A tale of mystery and intrigue
awaits the reader in the fourth installment of Marilyn Dungan’s
Laney McVey series. In Accidental Intent (Arcane Books,
$12.95), Laney’s friend, Shar Hamilton, is getting married. The
joy of a bride-to-be, however, seems to be missing. When Laney
discovers why, she finds her own life in jeopardy and Shar in
danger of being arrested for murder. This series, set among
familiar Kentucky places, will be sure to keep you on the edge of
your seat.

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