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Encouraging People

This morning my husband called and said his car had run out of gas. Would I bring him some? Of course I dropped what I was doing and went to his rescue. He called later in the day to say “thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. “You should know by now that if you call and need me I’ll climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, whatever it takes.”

“I’d do the same for you,” he said with a chuckle.

And he would. He might not take out the trash the first two or three times I ask him or put up his hunting supplies where he’s supposed to, but if I really need him, he’s there. After 22 years of marriage I can look back and say that every time life knocks me down, Bill is there beside me, holding my hand and encouraging me to get back on my feet and try again. He’s been one of the most important “encouragers” in my life. Encouraging each other is an important part of marriage. In fact, it’s an important part of any relationship.

I attended a class once on encouragement at a women’s conference and the lady who taught the class made such an impression on me that now, two years later, we still communicate weekly. I think of her as my personal encourager, which is similar to a personal trainer but less expensive and much more fun.

Over the years Paul Wesslund, editor of Kentucky Living, and his wonderful staff have been a great encouragement to me. They take my words and polish them, add a graphic that makes them sparkle, and then present them to you. And you are some of my very favorite encouragers.

Kentucky Living readers are the greatest. Thank you for all your kind words about “Kindred Spirits.” Many of you have taken time to send me notes, e-mail me, or stop me on the street to let me know my words touched you in some way. Writing can be a lonely profession and I can’t say thank you enough for encouraging me.

When my gas tank is empty, your words get me going again. I think of you as my Kentucky Living family and I appreciate you so much.

So, think of someone you can encourage today. It will change their life in ways you may never know.

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