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How Daddies Celebrate Father’s Day

  This year Bill and I will have been married 20 years. Bill has taken a lot of ribbing about the things I write about him, so I want to be serious for a moment. Because Father’s Day is upon us, I want to dedicate this column not just to Bill but to all the hardworking “daddies” out there.

  They are the men who work hard all week then spend their weekends shoveling snow or mowing yards, depending upon the season.

  They are the ones who coach their children’s teams and encourage fair play and sportsmanship. Who don’t swear at the referees when a call doesn’t go their way. Who take the time to teach their children how to handle anger and disappointment without making a public spectacle of themselves or resorting to physical violence.

  These men don’t just send their children to church with their mothers or the neighbors, but take them themselves and exhibit the principles of their faith all through the work week.

  They teach their sons to do laundry, cook, and clean, and their daughters how to change flat tires.

  They know they aren’t perfect and aren’t afraid to admit it when they make a mistake, or to ask for forgiveness. They seldom give in to their emotions, but when they are deeply touched, they aren’t ashamed to shed a tear.

  They don’t believe in taking the easy way out, because they believe that something worth doing is worth doing well, and that applies to parenting as well as life. They set reasonable limits for their children and if the rules are broken the consequences are sure but fair.

  They don’t mind if their children don’t follow in their footsteps, but rather encourage independent thinking because their children’s happiness is more important than a “father-son” sign over the door.

  They teach their children the importance of telling the truth and accepting responsibility for their actions.

  These are the fathers who know that building character is more important than building an empire.

  To these unsung heroes we say “Happy Father’s Day” even though we don’t have to, because these are the men who celebrate fatherhood in their hearts every single day of the year.

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