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Lincoln Correction

Regarding a reference to Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace
in April’s “On the Road” column: The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National
Historic Site at Hodgenville includes a memorial building housing the cabin where
he was born, at the site of his birth. The Lincoln Homestead State Park at Springfield
re-creates the settlement started by Lincoln’s relatives.


Several horse stables in Kentucky will hold an
open house Saturday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., as part of the Kentucky
Horse Council’s Open Stable Day 2001. For a list of stables participating, and
travel directions, call the Kentucky Horse Council at (800) 459-4677, or visit
the Web site at

Mountain Laurel fest

The annual Memorial Day Kentucky Mountain Laurel
Festival takes place May 24-27 in Pineville. The celebration of the blooming
of the Mountain Laurel will include a parade, arts and crafts, golf and softball
tournaments, food booths, antique car shows, and the crowning of a new Kentucky
Mountain Laurel Princess and Queen. The festival began in 1931 and has been
an annual event except for the WWII years 1942-1947. Features of this year’s
schedule include a Friday night princess crowning, Saturday morning parade and
governor’s luncheon and afternoon queen crowning, and Saturday night ball. Sunday
includes a worship service and Queen’s breakfast. For a free schedule and ticket
information, contact the Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival at P.O. Box 151,
Pineville, KY 40977, or call (606) 337-6103, or visit the festival’s Web site

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