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Lower Your Banking Fees

Nobody likes bank fees, except maybe your bank. But there are some ways to keep those fees to a minimum.

SHOP AROUND Check out your local and regional banks, as well as credit unions or online banks to see which one offers the lowest fees. In general, it should be easy to find free checking and savings accounts with no minimum balance or monthly fees.

BE LOYAL The longer you are with the same bank, the more its employees get to know you and your banking habits. This means they may be more likely to offer you a break on some fees if you have a strong history or clean track record.

MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS Many fees are applied because of customer mistakes such as overdrafts. Monitor your account balance online to ensure sufficient funds are in your account before you make payments or pay bills.

CHECK YOUR STATEMENTS Review your monthly statements and ask questions if necessary. If you see fees that you are unsure about, ask your bank for clarification.

SARA PEAK is a freelance writer with expertise in finance and wealth management. Have a money question? E-mail us at

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