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Supplement to “O Little Towns”

If the village has taken over your home, it’s time to look for a showcase that doubles as a storage solution. Howard Miller (
), whose traditional and trendy furniture pieces can be found in shops throughout Kentucky, crafts two display cabinets with miniature villages specifically in mind.

The Townsend Village Display Cabinet (cherry finish) and Parkview Village Display Cabinet (golden oak finish) have an adjustable power receptacle cord that runs down an interior corner for lighting each shelf level, plus two incandescent lights that add soft illumination to holiday village collections. The extra-thick glass shelves can be adjusted to any level to accommodate different village sizes, and the sliding glass door in the front gives an unobstructed view and easy access for adding or rearranging collection pieces.

Linda Kruger, executive director at the Collectors’ Information Bureau,, notes that if space is an issue, rotate collection pieces in displays. You should also avoid full sun and extreme changes in heat and humidity for displays.

To read the Kentucky Living December 2007 feature that goes along with this supplement, go to O Little Towns.

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