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Supplement to “A Major Decision”

These Web sites can help you in your search for a major:

Federal Jobs by College Major
This Web site lists jobs in the U.S. government for people majoring in everything from accounting to zoology. Even if you are not interested in working for the government, it can give you an idea of what jobs are available for graduates in different majors.

National Center for Education Statistics
An official Web site of the U.S. Department of Education, it gives information about the biggest and fastest-growing college majors, and trends for the future.

How to Choose a Major and a Career
This is an extremely helpful 29-page booklet that you can print out and use to think about your future. Filled with questionnaires and information, it was written by a counselor at Capital University in Ohio, but is useful for students at any school.

College Majors and Careers
This Web site links to brochures describing dozens of majors, the career fields connected with them, types of employers, and actual jobs held by graduates with that major. It was produced by Rutgers University in New Jersey, but the majors listed are offered by most colleges.

Majors and Careers Central
Produced by the College Board (the administrators of the SAT exams), this site offers numerous articles about choosing a major, and links to further information.

College Major Quiz
This 10-question online quiz will give you a list of fields that suit your personality. It’s not totally scientific, but it’s fun and can give you more food for thought.

To read the Kentucky Living February 2008 feature that goes along with this supplement, go to A Major Decision

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