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Supplement to “Horse Sense”

Doug and Gail Prather welcome e-mail nominations of horse farms and ranches across Kentucky to be considered for possible inclusion in their second book, PRIVATE ACCESS II, slated to be published either in the fall of 2009 or 2011.

When selecting farms and ranches for inclusion in the first book, Doug says their criteria was simple: “It should be known throughout the particular industry as a premier farm in relation to its breed. Whether it be quarter horses or Andalusians. Whatever the breed. It should be very well regarded. And secondly, it should have a very unique character and beauty unto itself.”

Doug and Gail Prather insist beauty doesn’t have to mean “poshness.” They are looking for horse farms and ranches that are unique and different, that help represent the array of the horse industry in Kentucky and across the United States.

“Maybe there’s somebody who has a certain breed of horses that’s different, or perhaps they’re using them to help train children with special needs, that’s a uniqueness that needs to be represented. Because that’s Kentucky, too. It’s not just Thoroughbreds,” Gail says.

“We would love to hear from people anywhere in Kentucky. It would be wonderful if Kentucky Living helps open the opportunity to discover somewhere that we wouldn’t have known existed in Kentucky,” Gail adds.

To nominate a horse farm or ranch for consideration, e-mail a description of the property, including the location, to Gail Prather at

To read the Kentucky Living July 2008 feature that goes along with this supplement, click here:

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