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No Title 1879

Supplement to “Raising Successful Kids”

Parents have to be smart to raise successful kids. Here are some Web sites our experts recommend to help you:—From a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the healthy development of babies and young children, this site contains a wealth of information about getting kids off to a good start, including specific information about brain development.—Site of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Lots of articles and advice on issues in early childhood education.—This site by the Positive Discipline Association is filled with good advice about encouraging children and teaching them life lessons.—The official site of the Kentucky Department of Education, includes an array of information parents need to know.—Information about the programs mentioned in the article as well as many more programs and publications.—Lots of good information. See specifically the effect of music on children’s intelligence and How to Raise a Smart Kid —A Short Guide.
—On the Scientific American site, The Secret to Raising Smart Kids gives the science behind the advice offered by child development experts.

To read the Kentucky Living September 2008 feature that goes along with this supplement, go to Raising Successful Kids.

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