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Supplement to “Girlfriend Weekends”

Flash back to Owensboro’s Southern Junior High School in 1959, when a group of 16 girls attended ball games, sock hops, and slumber parties together. When one broke up with her boyfriend, her loyal friends would not date him because she still cared about him. Frustrated, he said the girls were more loyal than the mafia. The nickname stuck, and though a number no longer live in Kentucky, “the mafia” has been convening ever since. When nests began emptying, the friends met at one woman’s home on Hilton Head Island, and the event turned annual.

These days, more and more girls—and guys—are connecting with friends, family members, and co-workers, usually of the same sex, for time away from daily routines. Among women, talking is the primary focus, though rendezvous sites, durations of stay, and shared activities vary. All adore the connections.

“Some of us have kids and grandkids and aging parents,” says Deloris Raines, a member of “the mafia” still living in Owensboro. “We’re all dealing with issues. We get away and let it all hang out. It’s a great stress reliever to be able to talk about everything with people who accept you for who you are, warts and all.”

A few suggestions for Kentucky girlfriend getaway destinations include:

Kentucky Artisan Center, Studio Artist Walking Tour, craft shopping, Boone Tavern spoonbread; or (800) 598-5263

Wine tastings, cooking classes, yoga retreats, and overnights at Elk Creek Hunt Club; or (502) 484-0005

Girlfriend Getaway Packages; or (800) 255-PARK (7275)

Art-themed getaways, spas, west Kentucky barbecue, eclectic shops, ghost tours; or (800) PADUCAH (723-8224)

40 miles of hiking trails, Shaker handcrafts, an eight-person cottage, Kentucky River cruise, Shaker Lemon Pie; or (800) 734-5611

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