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The pictures shown here come from a photo exhibit traveling the state. Richmond-based photographer Tim Webb, who regularly contributes to Kentucky Living, took them to tell the story of Madison County.

The AT&T Reflections: The Faces of Madison County project was the product of a yearlong photo documentary on the people of this central Kentucky county.

After spending more than a year capturing and creating more than 3,000 images, the project was edited into a traveling exhibit of 30 framed prints, with an electronic version of more than 200 images.

The exhibit is now making its way through Madison County, stopping in several sites. Here is the scheduling and locations information.

Kenton Davis uses mules to work his family farm beneath the West Pinnacle in Davis Hollow, near Berea, with his son Kenny Davis, Jr.

Inspiring is one word used to describe lifelong Richmond resident Chastity Ross. A working mother and active community volunteer, she balances volunteer activities with the youth at First Christian Church, with the needs of her growing family, as well as her position working with adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Edna Alexander lives by choice in a log cabin without a telephone, electricity, or running water, on the Madison County-Jackson County line. She has a deep faith in God, and lives self-sufficiently, growing and canning her own food, and making her own lye soap.

Dorothy Miller worked more than 40 years as a teacher in Madison County before retiring as the librarian at Whitehall Elementary in 1976. She is seen here in the one-room schoolhouse on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University, which is similar to the schoolhouse that she taught in at Boonesboro.

Ron Marionneaux is a retired Professor of Geography and Planning at Eastern Kentucky University, where he chaired the department from 1977-1986. He currently operates RM Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in community planning and development.

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