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Supplement to “Summer Scholars”

Launched during the civil rights era of the ’60s, Upward Bound has proven to be one of most successful and longest running, federally funded summer academic enrichment programs for high school students nationwide.

Upward Bound serves students from rural areas, students from low-income families, or students from families where neither parent has been to college. The goal of the program is to provide students with support and resources in their journey toward college entrance. The success in programs such as Upward Bound lies in the academic instruction as well as the social networking and mentoring support for the students involved.

At Morehead State University, Upward Bound has been a successful program for many years. During the six-week residential program, students form lasting relationships, receive one-on-one academic instruction from tutors, and challenge themselves with new ideas.

In the morning, students work in academies, small groups dedicated to enriching core content classes such as English, math, and science. In the afternoon, campers have a variety of elective activities planned, such as weightlifting to career planning to sessions on the history of rock ’n’ roll.

With many summer programs, the excitement and dedication a student might feel when he leaves the camp begins to wane around Labor Day when the daily difficulties of regular high school life start taking their toll. At Morehead State University, students are visited throughout the school year by Upward Bound counselors to work with students on academic preparation and social skills.

Morehead State University also provides online tutoring for Upward Bound students and hosts return trips to the campus to remind students of their academic goals, and reinforce study habits and social skills learned during the summer. These return trips offer a variety of cultural experiences as well as ACT/SAT prep session, snow day study tips, and workshops on college admission. Students receive ACT waivers and can also earn six hours of college credit the summer after graduation.

Many Kentucky colleges participate in Upward Bound for high school students. To find others, search the Internet for keywords “Upward Bound Kentucky.”

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