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Supplement to “Courageous Kids”

I am healthy, and most people reading this will be, too. It’s a fact most of us take for granted, don’t even think about. The kids attending camp at the Center for Courageous Kids (and their families) don’t have that luxury.

Like most situations, however, attitude and perspective make a discernable difference, as I was to be reminded again and again while touring the camp.

“We can’t change what these kids have,” says Stormi Murtie, communications director for the Center for Courageous Kids, “but we can change this day and make it a happy one.”

Whatever is troubling us, we have that same option. We can choose to see rain as an annoyance or as a refreshing drink for wildlife and plants. We can discover that less money often triggers our creativity. We can refuse to be limited by circumstances. Perhaps we can’t have the expensive vacation this year, but there are fun experiences and beautiful sunsets in our own back yards. We just have to slow down to savor them.

Mostly, I learned that each of us has the power to create what Murtie calls “memory making moments” any time we choose. These are moments we remember for years to come. Like young children who find as much joy in the box the toy came in as the toy itself, we can find memory making moments in a good joke, a soothing bath, a long stroll with our pet, or a homemade pizza created with our children.

Mostly, we can learn to “make this day a happy one.” I know everyone at the Center for Courageous Kids will do that. I intend to join them.

To read the July 2011 feature that goes along with this supplement, go to Courageous Kids.

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