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We debunk five energy myths and show you how you can save money on energy bills. Learn why you should do an energy checkup and how to seal simple air leaks yourself. Find out where financial assistance and rebates are available. And learn the latest on energy-efficient manufactured housing.

Download the 12-page Kentucky Living 2011 Energy Guide.

KEYWORD EXCLUSIVE: More 2011 Energy Guide

Learn more about energy-efficient steps for saving money on your energy bills and learn what six Rowan County families did to cut energy use an average of 20 percent. Go to More 2011 Energy Guide.

  • What happens during a home energy audit?
  • Do-it-yourself energy-efficient checklist
  • What is an R-value?
  • Insulating your crawlspace
  • Rowan County’s energy-efficiency contest
  • Clayton Homes i-house
  • Electric co-ops and other resources

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