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Supplement to “Biggest Winners”

They’re the kind of signposts people sometimes call NSV—non-scale victories. Moments that don’t necessarily have a number attached, but show the accomplishments of a health transformation with a vividness and emotional power that tells you how far you’ve come.

Over the four months, members of the Kentucky Living Health Club Facebook group shared quite a few NSVs, usually with multiple exclamation points attached. Here are a few!

Beth Hans Payton (long-time member of Owen Energy Cooperative who recently moved)
I spotted a really beautiful dress that I thought would be awesome for Valentine’s Day. I grabbed it without looking at the size. Most of the dresses on the rack were size 16. I just assumed this one would be too.

I noticed it was a 14 in the dressing room. I slipped it over my head in fear. Once I got my arms in, I thought to myself, “This is going to fit.” Once I pulled it down, I thought to myself, “This has extra room.” Tears of joy and a mini flash dance ensued.

I’ve gone from a size 22 dress to a 14, possibly 12. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see a 10 in the next few months. I haven’t been below size 12 jeans since I was 9 years old!

Jennifer Reeder (member of South Kentucky RECC)
A year ago I couldn’t fit in rides at Dollywood to ride with my family. It was embarrassing and heartbreaking. Today, after losing 60 pounds, I am at Universal Studios riding everything! I cried on the first ride because I was so happy! Everybody thought I was scared! Stay the course, folks, it will be so worth it!

Marsha Wilkerson (member of Salt River Electric)
Yesterday I was pulling into my neighborhood and I saw a woman who was jogging and I got butterflies in my tummy, did you hear me, I GOT BUTTERFLIES IN MY TUMMY! I mean, seriously?! Four months ago I would have thought that woman was crazy, but more power to her! Now I am becoming that woman!!! PTL!!!

Judy B. Guy (member of Warren RECC)
If you just look at the weight loss, I haven’t done so well. But if you look at the fact that I am eating more fruits and veggies and learning to control myself around the sweets and the fact that I am walking more days than not and am feeling much younger, YES! I’d say it’s been a success! And I plan to continue being successful!

Christene Makin (member of Blue Grass Energy)
I have not lost the amount of weight that I had hoped for but I now have more energy, I am taking my asthma medicine less, and for the first time I did not get the flu when my husband and daughter got sick. Yea for healthy eating and exercise!!!!

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