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Supplement to “En Garde!”

Here are just a few of the terms, from, that you’ll want to know before you tune in to watch Lee Kiefer and the rest of the U.S. Olympic Fencing Team compete in London.

Advance: The basic forward movement.
Attack: An initial offensive action made by extending the sword arm.
Conversation: The back-and-forth play of the blades in a fencing bout.
Counter-attack: An attack made against, or into, an attack initiated by the opponent.
Engagement: During an encounter between two fencers, the point at which blades are in contact with each other.
Foil: A fencing weapon with a rectangular cross-section blade and a small bell guard.
Coulé: An attack or preparatory movement made by sliding down the opponent’s blade, keeping it in constant contact.
Lamé: The electrically conductive jacket worn by foil and sabre fencers used to detect valid touches.
Parry: A simple defensive action designed to deflect an attack, performed with the forte—the lower, stronger part—of the blade.
Right-of-Way: The rules for awarding the point in the event of a double touch in foil or sabre.
Target Area: The area delimited for valid hits in that weapon. Foil target area consists of the entire torso, including the groin and the bottom of the mask that covers the lamé, and down to the waist in back. Head, arms, and legs are considered off-target in foil.

The 32 Sports of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Below are the sports that will be featured in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Comprehensive air times for all the events can be found online at Once online, just click on a sport, and then click on event schedule.

• Archery
• Badminton
• Basketball
• Beach Volleyball
• Boxing
• Canoe/Kayak
• Cycling
• Diving
• Equestrian
• Fencing
• Field Hockey
• Gymnastics
• Handball
• Judo
• Modern Pentathlon
• Rhythmic Gymnastics
• Rowing
• Sailing
• Shooting
• Soccer
• Swimming
• Synchronized Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Taekwondo
• Tennis
• Track & Field
• Trampoline
• Triathlon
• Volleyball
• Water Polo
• Weightlifting
• Wrestling

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