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Supplement to “Cage the Elephant: Back Home”

Following is a sample of some of the bands from the Bowling Green area that Cage the Elephant believe are on the cusp of achieving fame. To learn more about the music scene in Bowling Green, also go to There you will find a blog about Bowling Green musicians, where they are playing, and the attention they are attracting.

Buffalo Rodeo
Composed of five college freshmen, this group’s musical style is described as alternative ambient rock. Their discography includes Common Cults (May 2012), Wanderers (2011), and Buffalo Rodeo (2010).

Canago has “one foot in the past and an eye in the future,” according to Craig Brown. “We are definitely a rock band, but we want to create songs people can relate to.” Their two most popular songs are Oh Australia, which sounds like you are on a walkabout and has only two words (Oh and Australia) in it, and Fast Friends Again, the story of a cat and a rat and how they got separated in the big world but found a way to reunite even though a cat and a rat shouldn’t be friends.

Morning Teleportation
“We have been making a living off music for about four years now,” says Travis Goodwin. “We’ve toured extensively and done (The Late Show with) David Letterman.” Morning Teleportation is classified as experimental roots/psychedelic, but “our music jumps from genre to genre,” Goodwin says. Morning Teleportation began in Bowling Green, moved to Portland, Oregon, and is now back in Bowling Green. The band’s most popular songs are Expanding Anyway, Just a Figment, and Snow Frog vs Motor Cobra.

Rainbow Kitty Kitty
Recently reformed with three new band members, this rock/indie/pop band produced their first album in March 2012 and is expecting to have a second album out this year. Their most popular songs include Frictions the Point, Cutie Pie, Teenage Myth, and Jakes Blue.

“We take our music seriously,” says Stefan Meadows, “but not ourselves. That’s where a lot of bands go so wrong today. If you take yourself too seriously, it comes across in the music. We like having fun and that comes through in our performances and our music.”

Formed in January 2011, this band has just completed their first album, which was produced by Jay Joyce, who also produced Cage the Elephant and Sleeper Agent.

Asked to describe their music, Jeremi Simon-Kinnaman says, “We try to write honest music. All our hearts are in our music. As a songwriter, I don’t try to go for a certain sound, but go for creating the emotion around the song. We are definitely a rock band, but we are also open to playing everything from country to punk rock.” Popular songs include Beautiful Disaster and I Think I Might Be an Alien.

Sleeper Agent
The group describes their music as “joyously melodic,” and says they know how to laugh at themselves. Album Celabrasion, released in August 2011 by Mom & Pop Records, includes Get it Daddy, a school’s-out anthem about growing up, and Love Blood, a song about commitment. Sleeper Agent has been hailed as a “Band to Watch” by Rolling Stone magazine, and lead singer Alex Kandel was nominated for their “Women Who Rock” contest. The group has toured the country extensively with Weezer, Cage the Elephant, Manchester Orchestra, GroupLove, Ben Kweller, and more.

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