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Five key things to know about electricity

Last of a series on the basics of electricity

1. Electricity can be dangerous

Electricity can kill instantly if misused. Keep electricity safety at the top
of your mind at all times.

2. Electricity can’t be stored

Batteries work for flashlights, but they’re not yet strong enough for large
users. The electricity that runs your home or business must be generated at
the same time it is used. Coordinating that flow of power for the nation requires
an extremely complicated network of power plants, power lines, switches and
transformers, communications, and management.

3. Most of the increase in electric bills comes from more use, not higher

4. Kentucky’s low electric rates-currently the lowest in the nation-result

  • the wise use of in-state coal and water
  • prudent planning, management, and cooperation between industry and government;
  • a cautious approach to electric utility restructuring. Instead of restructuring,
    Kentucky has carefully studied the issue and is watching the results from
    other states before making decisions.

5. High-tech equipment needs special protection

Co-ops provide incredibly reliable electric service. But today’s electronic devices
can be damaged by power fluctuations lasting just a fraction of a second as a
result of lightning or other disturbances. Your electric co-op can tell you about
surge protection and other ways to safeguard your sensitive electronic equipment.

Next month: five key things to know about electricity

-Paul Wesslund

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