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State Fair contest deadline

The deadline for entering Kentucky State Fair competitions is July 1. A wide variety of talents will be featured in the 29 competitive entry departments and thousands of categories. Competitions are open to the public, but a completed entry form must be submitted to the State Fair entry department by July 1. This deadline applies to most entries with the exception of livestock, which is July 10, and rabbits, July 19. Some categories are restricted to Kentucky 4-H and FFA members. Deadlines and rules for 4-H and FFA competitions are listed in the Fair catalog. Entry forms, rules, and guidelines for the competitive entry departments and cooking contests can be found in the 2003 KSF Entry catalog, which can be viewed online at, or you can request one by mail by writing to Kentucky State Fair Entry Department, P.O. Box 37130, Louisville, KY 40233-7130 or by calling the KSF Entry Department at (502) 367-5190. E-mail requests can be sent to

Cumberland Falls correction

A viewer of our Web site,, found that in our archives, the June 2002 issue claimed more water flows over Kentucky’s Cumberland Falls than Niagara Falls. It doesn’t. Cumberland Falls has the second largest water flow east of the Rockies, far behind Niagara.

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