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No Title 722

Supplement to “When Parents Help Schools”

Here are the areas the Kentucky site-based council members are involved in:

  • Test scores analysis
  • Targets for closing achievement gaps
  • Comprehensive Improvement Plan
  • School Safety Plan
  • Policy on curriculum
  • Policy on instructional practices
  • Policy on discipline and classroom management
  • Policy on extracurricular programs
  • Policy to enhance achievement and meet KERA goals
  • Policy on use of school space
  • Policy on assigning students to classes and programs
  • Policy on assigning staff time
  • Decision on how many people to employ in each job classification
  • Selection of new principal
  • Consultation before principal chooses people for other jobs
  • Policy on consultation about vacancies

To read the Kentucky Living September 2003 feature, “When Parents Help Schools” that goes along with this supplement, click When Parents Help Schools

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