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Vatican art
Across the river at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, the largest collection of Vatican art and objects to tour North America will be on display through April 18. The exhibit, titled Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes, includes more than 300 works of art and historically significant objects, beginning with Saint Peter and culminating with Pope John Paul II. For more information, phone (800) 733-2077 or on the Internet go to

Enter the poetry contest
The March 15 deadline is coming right up for the Kentucky Living poetry contest.

In the July issue, we’ll plan to print at least one poem in each of the following six categories: Family and Friends, Celebrating Kentucky, Seasons, Humor, Poems by Children Age 12 and Under, and Miscellaneous. However, we will publish as many poems as we have room for.

If your poem is published, we’ll send you one of our Kentucky Living beverage mugs AND a fancy Kentucky Living pen.

Decisions by the judges and editors on which poems to publish will be completely subject to their personal taste, judgment, and how much space we have in the magazine.

Send your poems, along with your name, address, phone number, the poem’s category (and your age for the 12 and Under category), and which electric co-op supplies your electricity, so that it is postmarked on or before March 15, to Kentucky Living, Poetry Contest, P.O. Box 32170, Louisville, KY 40232.

York’s travels
A new book by Kentucky poet Frank X Walker offers a blending of poetry, fiction, and history to tell the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition from the point of view of Clark’s slave, York. Buffalo Dance, The Journey of York narrates the physical and spiritual journey from plantation servant to a man yearning for fulfillment and freedom. More information on the book published by The University Press of Kentucky is available on the Internet at

Be careful with ATVs
The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) has gained popularity as a tool for use by farmers and for recreation. As its popularity has increased, so has the number of injuries or deaths associated with improper use.

“ATVs are not a toy, and if misused can result in serious injuries and even death to the operator,” says Larry Piercy, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture agricultural safety and health specialist. “Be sure all operators have adequate training, skill, and maturity before operating an ATV.”

The first ATV death was reported in Kentucky in 1984; until the mid-1990s Kentucky averaged about seven deaths per year with about 40 percent of those involving young people below 16 years of age, says Piercy.

According to the Kentucky Department of Public Health, with growing sales in the 1990s the number of deaths jumped to a high of 36 deaths reported in 2002. Since 1996, 162 deaths have been attributed to ATVs for an average of 23 per year. Most of this increase involves adults, but the number of deaths of young people has also increased, Piercy says.

He says that operators should always use the proper helmet and other protective gear when operating an ATV. There should be only one operator per machine, no riders. Kentucky law states that anyone under 16 should be under direct parental supervision when operating an ATV. The law also states that youth under 16 cannot operate an ATV with an engine size of more than 90 cubic centimeters.—Laura Skillman, UK Cooperative Extension Service

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