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Supplement to “Cool in the Pool”

Cool Designs in Pools & Spas

Ken Riffe of Cente Pools says that his company prides itself on designing pools in any style, size, or shape that the customer requests. “If someone gives us a drawing, we get as close to it as possible,” says Riffe. He adds that what remains popular among homeowners are rectangular, oval, and Grecian-shaped pools, along with the ever-trendy Mountain Lake pool, which follows the natural curves and contours of the landscape.

Shallower or non-diving pools are also appealing because, at 5 to 6 feet deep, the whole pool can be used for swimming laps or treading water.

The big buzz in pool lighting is the SAm light, or Spectrum Amerlite—the first underwater light that changes color at the flip of a switch. The SAm light provides the color-changing capabilities of a fiber optic system at a more affordable price point. It has a unique electronic circuitry that allows individual control of the color of light emitted by its twin halogen quartz bulbs and delivers a nearly limitless spectrum of color.

Pool owners can bathe their pools in a custom color or slowly roll through the entire spectrum, which creates a luminous underwater display. For pools with more than one light, multiple SAm lights synchronize with one another to provide uniformly spectacular color from one end of the pool to the other.

Shannon Edmondson of Lipps Pool & Spa adds that waterfalls and deck sprayers, which can be illuminated, are finding favor with homeowners, as are spa-type jets that are installed in the step sections and swim-outs of in-ground pools.

“The most-asked question,” says Edmondson, “is ‘Light—is it included?’ but the newest and most expensive option is the automatic pool cover—it can run $7,000 to $8,000.” The pool cover holds evaporation to a minimum and helps hold heat in, and cuts down maintenance time.

In hot tubs, spa manufacturers describe the new trend in hot tubs as “European-inspired” designs, meaning lots of curves. They are also getting equipped with more jets, Colorburst bulbs (instead of the white/clear bulbs), LED lighting on both the interior and exterior of the tub, CD players and mounted speakers, and beaded foot massagers, which are becoming a popular built-in spa feature.

Robb Watt of Atlantic Pools & Spas adds that the Dimension One Spa, the type bought by the Stinsons, features a polymer shell, which effectively eliminates the chipping and cracking problems acrylic shells are prone to. These shells also carry a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed not to leak.

“The use of a pool or spa is as varied as the homeowners,” says Edmond-son. “Some want a lap pool for exercise, others want a one-depth pool for entertainment—and some want a combination of both—and still others want a spa to just soak and relax in.”


Atlantic Pools & Spas
1053 Lovers Lane
Bowling Green, KY 42103
(866) 766-5386

Cente Pools
Clay City, KY
(606) 663-2919

Lipps Pool & Spa
1033 Burlington Pike
Florence, KY 41042-1235
(859) 371-3291

Robertson Pools & Spas
119 Kit Cowan Road
Somerset, KY 42501
(800) 264-4452; (606) 679-6722

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