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Supplement to “John Hunt Morgan Rides Again”
August 2004

Maps of Morgan’s Raids

To learn more about where John Hunt Morgan and his men raided throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, download these two maps:

Morgan’s Raid July 2-26, 1863
Map by Lester V. Horwitz, author of The Longest Raid of the Civil War, copyright 1998

1938 Map of Morgan’s Raids, First through Fifth Raid
Map courtesy of Bayless Hardin Kentucky Historical Society; Audio-Visual Archives, Special Collections and Archives, University of Kentucky Libraries

For More Information on Morgan’s Raids

A History of Morgan’s Cavalry
by Basil W. Duke (published in 1867)
Indiana University Press, 1960

The Civil War in Kentucky
by Lowell H. Harrison
The University Press of Kentucky, 1975

The Longest Raid of the Civil War
by Lester V. Horwitz
Farmcourt Publishing, 2001

Reflections in the Wind/Reliving a Memorable Era in Northern Madison County
by Gypsie Lee Cosby Jones, 1995

Rattling Spurs and Broad-brimmed Hats: The Civil War in Cynthiana and Harrison County, Kentucky
by William A. Penn, 1995

Rebel Raider: The Life of General John Hunt Morgan
by James A. Ramage
The University Press of Kentucky, 1986; 1995 reissued

Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie
by George Dallas Mosgrove
University of Nebraska Press, 1999
John Hunt Morgan in Kentucky Heritage Trail System and information on Civil War sites, monuments, and links in Kentucky
Web site of the Morgan’s Men Association
Hunt-Morgan House
201 North Mill St.
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 233-3290

To read the Kentucky Living August 2004 feature that goes along with this supplement, click here: John Hunt Morgan Rides Again

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