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Parental Advisory

I admit the headline’s a cheap trick to get you to read this. There is content for adults in this column, although it’s not just for mature audiences.

In this online issue you’ll find a Kids Page, a feature we launched last month. It will appear regularly just after the middle of the printed magazine.

Here’s the message for grownups: children probably won’t read this column, so please let them know we’ve started a feature for them.

Each month’s Kids Page will focus on a topic we hope will be interesting and fun. It will include things to read that will be intended to advance their education and enjoyment of life. Puzzles will be aimed at both resting and exercising the mind. We’re asking young readers to submit jokes to get them used to writing to a publication. And because we like jokes.

We hope this page will invite a new group of readers to the magazine. But we dream that the Kids Page will make Kentucky Living even more of a family experience. Adults and children can spend time together with the Kids Page, then move on to Commonwealths, Kindred Spirits, and the rest of the magazine.

And those grownups and children don’t even have to live in the same house. We recently heard from a teacher who, courtesy of her local electric co-op, uses Kentucky Living in her classroom instruction. She writes, “Almost every issue has an article that relates to the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment for Social Studies.”

Your local electric co-op publishes Kentucky Living to help create a community that supports the quality of life we enjoy in Kentucky, in particular the great electric service and reasonable rates that help make that quality of life possible. That community is made up of individuals, families, classrooms, and all of Kentucky.

From the Internet to TV and even the daily newspaper, much of today’s media requires close parental monitoring. We do our best to make Kentucky Living not just wholesome enough to keep on the coffee table for everyone to see, but worthwhile enough for everyone to spend time with.

So here’s our parental advisory: Kentucky Living is not for adults only.

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