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Random Acts Of Kindness

don’t like hearing about another "random act of
violence," but I’ve never known anyone to complain about
"random acts of kindness." Sometimes we may feel as if
the small things we do for others don’t make a difference, but I
believe they do. In order to prove my theory I conducted a
not-so-scientific survey by e-mailing friends and family and
asking them to share a good deed that someone had done for them
and to describe how it made them feel. What follows are their

From Carol, an A+ teacher:
"Recently I was asked to teach a middle school class on an
emergency basis. It wasn’t long before I realized I was the oldest
person in the building. I felt as if I might as well have the word
"old" stamped on my forehead. Then one little girl made
me see that age has very little to do with how other people view

" ‘I made this for you,’
she said, and handed me a gift. She had made me a picture frame,
painted it, and written ‘A+ Teacher’ across the top. She made me
realize that age has no barriers when young people know adults
care about them. I may have a few more wrinkles than my fellow
teachers, but now my enthusiasm isn’t wrinkled at all!"

From Lindsey, an author:
"After I had a miscarriage I returned home to find a woman
from my church had cleaned my house. She refused to let me pay
her. A clean environment when I was low was a tremendous spirit

From Kiera, a college student:
"Today I received a letter from a friend thanking me for my
friendship. That totally made my day!"

From Karen, a writer/speaker: "A week after moving into our
new house I hit a low point. I had to start fresh in a new town
and I was scared. Then a woman who lived down the street rang my
doorbell. She was holding a glass container filled with Friendship
Tea and a plate of homemade cookies. From that day on we were not
only neighbors but friends as well."

From Martha, a mom and
teacher: "The mother of one of my daughter’s friends sent me
a handwritten letter telling me how special my daughter Brittany
is. We don’t tell parents enough when they are doing well…as
parents we always wonder if our kids are growing up OK, and it’s
nice once in a while to hear something positive."

Make 2002 the year of
kindness. Go the extra mile. Give more to others this year than
you did in 2001. Not only will you make the world a better place,
you’ll reap the rewards of knowing you made a difference in
someone’s life.

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