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Readers Write Back-results Of The Kentucky Living Reader Opinion Survey

  If you’re a typical Kentucky Living reader, you think our public schools ought to be teaching moral values. You’re pretty well satisfied with your electric cooperative, and you’re skeptical about whether proposals to restructure the electric utility industry will really reduce rates.

  That’s the picture of you drawn by the results of the 1999 Kentucky Living Reader Opinion Survey, which we conduct every four years. Nearly 7,000 of you sent in answers to the 54 questions on this year’s survey that we printed in the October issue and asked you to fill out and mail in. The charts that follow highlight those results.

Doubts about deregulation

  Your elected officials in Frankfort are studying the possibility of restructuring electric utilities in our state. Some believe this will lower rates, while others believe rates will increase, particularly for residential consumers.

On presidential candidates and public issues

  If the election for president was held today, and the candidates were Democratic Vice President Al Gore and Republican Governor of Texas George W. Bush, for whom would you vote?

  Presently, the state legislature has a full 60-day session every other year, with occasional special sessions called by the governor. Some have proposed that the legislature needs to meet every year in order to govern on a more current basis. Others believe that annual sessions may not be as productive as our current method. How do you feel?

  Kentucky Governor Paul Patton has discussed allowing casino gambling at more than a dozen locations across the state as a way to generate revenue for a variety of programs. Would you be in favor of letting voters decide this issue?

On the economic outlook and how you use the Internet

  How do you feel about general economic and job prospects for yourself and the neighbors in your community?

  If you use an Internet service in your home, which of the following describes how your family uses the service?

On support for your electric cooperative

  Some electric cooperative utilities have broadened their lines of business and are now making available a variety of both electric and nonelectric products and services. Do you generally favor or oppose your cooperative utility offering a wider variety of products and services?

  How supportive would you be with your electric cooperative providing…?

  Please rate your electric cooperative’s performance in the following areas.

On public schools

  Do you believe personal and moral values should be taught in our public schools?

  Generally, do you believe our system of education in Kentucky adequately prepares students for a good future in our society?

  How would you rate the degree of success our Kentucky public education system has had in the following education and extracurricular activities areas?

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