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Recording The Past, Jobs For The Future

House of history
The Bagby mansion was one of the only mansions in Grayson when concert pianist George Bagby had the home built in the 1930s. The red brick house featured 8-foot marble fireplaces in the drawing room and dining room, floor-to-ceiling walnut paneling, and stucco ceilings divided by walnut beams. Today, the historic structure is home to Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative.

“Hearing many stories about the building from individuals throughout the region made me realize that the building’s history needed to be recorded,” says Carol Fraley, Grayson Rural Electric Co-op president and CEO.

Fraley and her staff decided to create a book about the structure, telling a story of the Grayson community and its citizens over the 80-year span.

The face of fun
Garrett Ward of Clinton knows what he looked like at the last Hickman-Fulton Counties Rural Electric Cooperative annual meeting, the one before that, and even the one before that. Artist Denny Whalen of Louisville has created a caricature of Ward at each of the events.

“I enjoy these so much that I have them framed,” says Kara Ward, Garrett’s mother. “Denny has a wonderful talent, and I appreciate Hickman-Fulton Counties RECC bringing him to our community.”

“The artists help attract people to the meetings, particularly the younger generation,” says co-op Manager Greg Grissom. “The caricatures have become part of the annual meeting experience.”

Homegrown jobs
Hundreds of southeastern Kentuckians owe their jobs to Jackson Energy Cooperative, headquartered in McKee.

Since 1994, the cooperative has loaned $2.8 million in rural development funds to businesses and local industrial authorities. The loans allow industries to expand, which means more jobs for southeastern Kentucky families.

“Jackson Energy is committed to using our resources to bring new businesses to the region as well as helping businesses expand,” says Jackson Energy President and CEO Don Schaefer. “The loan program is another way Jackson Energy is working for our members.”

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