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Spring Fever

the long gray days of winter we yearn for the warmth of spring.
Now that it has finally arrived, here are some of my favorite ways
to welcome the season of rebirth.

Skip! I’m not talking about
missing work or school. I mean skipping like little children do
when they are on their way to lunch or recess. If you haven’t
tried it in awhile and you need a tutor, you can ask our neighbor,
Austin, to give you lessons. Austin is a third-grader this year
and he’s so in love with life that a cloud of happiness hovers
over him wherever he goes. Last year was his first year of little
league basketball and he never ran down the court, he skipped. It
didn’t matter to him where the ball was, or even which team had
possession of it. All that mattered was the moment and the
happiness he felt, a good lesson for us adults whose feet are too
often glued to the ground with the responsibilities of life.

Hum or whistle! You don’t have
to be able to sing like Aretha Franklin or Mariah Carey when you
have music in your heart. Whistle or hum a happy tune. Not only
will it lift your spirits but it will cheer those around you.

Walk barefoot in the grass! My
grandmother would caution you to wait until it’s warmer, but I say
why wait? Revel in the cool softness of the grass beneath your
feet. If you feel really adventurous, find a hill and roll down
it. The experience is worth a little itching.

Sit a spell! Find a front
porch with a swing on it and sit a spell, preferably with someone
you would like to hold hands with. While you are swinging and
holding hands, do one more thing…count your blessings.

Celebrate life…celebrate
spring. Catch the fever.

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