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Treats On Trucks

Dishes like the cupcakes show here or cornbread salad (see the recipe for that below) aren’t at restaurants or delis, but rolling around in trucks in Kentucky and across the nation. “If you’re not already eating at the food trucks in your community, it’s time to get out there,” Heather Donahoe, journalist and food connoisseur, says. Her book, The Southern Food Truck Cookbook: Discover the South’s Best Food on Four Wheels, features trucks and carts offering folks culinary enjoyment.

Donahoe invites readers on an edible road trip to meet people from the mountains of West Virginia to the bayous of Louisiana who’re hitting the streets with their cooking talents. One chapter, devoted to Kentucky, takes you to Louisville where a number of creative cooks have opened up shop. Holy Mole, a taco truck, offers traditional and unusual versions. Lil Cheezers creates grilled cheese sandwiches. French Indo-Canada serves up Vietnamese and Canadian delights. Louisville Dessert Truck rolls out various sweet things like the chocolate x 4 cupcakes shown here. Get It on a Bun at Booty’s dishes comfort food—everything from scratch. Genius in a Box stacks sandwiches with meats, cheeses, and veggies, each named for famous thinkers.

Donahoe’s book includes signature recipes from each state, “so those who want can make them in the comfort of their own kitchen. I hope the cookbook spreads the food truck gospel in the South.”

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