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Working Together

Competition has achieved a lot of great things in this country.

So has cooperation.

As an idea, cooperation produces results from beautifying a community to building highways and bridges. In sports, we call it teamwork, and it can dazzle us on the basketball court.

As a business model, it has helped create our modern economy.

American agriculture has been profoundly shaped by co-ops, as farmers came together to market their products. Those efforts have produced such household names as Ocean Spray, Land O’Lakes, and Sunkist. In more urban areas, housing co-ops helped solve the problems of affordable places to live.

When competition couldn’t envision profits from delivering electricity to people in the country, those people met to form electric co-ops, and change the course of the nation.

From study groups of schoolkids to Fortune 500 companies, cooperation improves lives by the billions around the world. 2012 has been declared the International Year of Cooperatives. A section recognizing this special year shows you some of what cooperation means to the world.

Buy local, and get financial and photo advice

Local businesses in Kentucky are on the move, offering people in their communities unique shopping options that boost the local economy. You can read about the hometown enterprises from clothing to food to department stores, and more, and how they’re making it fun and practical to buy local.

To bring the local economy even closer to home, this month you’ll find the Kentucky Living 2012 Financial Planning Guide, the third annual section to help you make the right choices for your home financing. What’s the most important financial decision you will ever make? Go to the guide to find out.

You can find out how to make your home photography more satisfying. Three Kentucky Living photographers offer their secrets for taking great pictures. Whether you’re thinking about this year’s Kentucky Living photo contest, or just want to produce better looking snapshots, these picture taking tips will help you bring the new year into clearer focus.

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