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Your Favorite Books

This is the final installment in a series of readers’ favorite books sent to us in March. The people published here will receive a $25 gift certificate to Joseph-Beth Booksellers of Lexington, thanks to the sponsorship of Kentucky Living and Joseph-Beth Booksellers. If these or other books interest you, you can look for them at a Joseph-Beth store, or call (800) 248-6849, or visit the Web site at

Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell

The first movie I ever saw was made from the book.
I’ve read it three times and I cried each time Melanie died. This is a classic
that never loses its magic in its vivid pages.

Charlotte Bryant, Greensburg

Taylor County Rural Electric Cooperative

We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan
by the Japanese

Elizabeth M. Norman

This book relates the experiences of American military
nurses caught in battle, interned, then liberated from the jungles of Bataan
during the 1940s. Through diaries, letters, and interviews with some of the
remaining survivors, Ms. Norman gives a detailed historical account, but with
a decidedly emotional twist. By reading the chapters and the endnotes, and by
studying the accompanying photos and maps, the reader can get a clear feeling
of the war and what part these women played in it. It’s the kind of book that
made me peruse the extensive bibliography, looking for additional reading.

GiGi Pennington, London

Jackson Energy Cooperative

One Last Wish

Lurlene McDaniel

I love this book because it always deals with real
life. The book is about a girl with a disease that could eventually kill her.
No matter how bad things get she is always positive. This was a word of encouragement
to me, to always think positive no matter how bad things get.

Lindsey Davis, Greensburg

Taylor County Rural Electric Cooperative

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