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Your Favorite Things

  Last fall we had an opinion research firm call 552 of you and you were kind enough to tell us how you felt about Kentucky Living.

First of all, thank you for helping us out. We hope the information you gave us will help us put together a magazine you like even more than you already do.

  Now, the least we can do is tell you about some of the results of that readership survey.

You do seem to like Kentucky Living. Three-fourths of you said you read at least three of the last four issues, and 64 percent read all of the last four.

  The most well-read parts of the magazine were the “Events” column, with 65 percent of you saying you read it in every issue or most issues, and the “Snapshots” column, at 61 percent. The next most popular were the local cooperative sections, “Kentucky Cooks,” the cover story and feature stories, and

  To find out a little more about those readership figures, we also asked the question a different way, asking you to tell us your favorite part of the magazine. Asked that way, “Kentucky Cooks” came out on top, with 20 percent of you saying it was your favorite part of Kentucky Living. That was followed by “Events,” “View from Plum Lick,” the cover story and feature articles, “On the Road,” “At Home in the Garden,” and the local cooperative sections.

  We also asked for your favorite parts of the local cooperative sections. Recipes led the list, followed by humor items, ways to conserve energy, how to contact the utility, and what’s happening at the cooperative.

  The saddest part of the results for me was that one of the least-read parts of the magazine is the “From the Editor” column. So, to those few loyal souls reading this sentence, a special thank-you.

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