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Baking on the rise

Duo offers baked goods at farmers market 

ANDY BISSELL grew up in the Skyway, a restaurant started by his great-grandfather in Custer, South Dakota, not far from Mount Rushmore. He started as a table busser, then moved to the kitchen and to manager as a high school senior. 

As an adolescent, he was charged with transforming lumps of frozen dough into bread. He’d fill bread pans, then, “I babysat it, I watched it rise, I put it in the oven and I pulled it out of the oven.” 

These basic skills foreshadowed his transformation to a skilled sourdough bread baker, selling cool-rise, crusty, European-style loaves at the Franklin County Farmers Market in Frankfort, a gig he started after being laid off during COVID-19. The free time gave him an opportunity to test his baking skills. 

In addition to sourdough, Andy also cooks soft yeast bread, including pecan-cinnamon loaf and sandwich bread. His wife, Tara, gets into the act also, baking cookies, muffins and quick breads. 

Their baked goods will be available at the farmers market holiday markets December 10 (pre-orders only; go to to sign up to pre-order) and December 12. Learn more at

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