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Mix and match

Cross-cultural flavors in a healthy dish

For JEONG HYUN AN, also known as Ann Montgomery among her friends, the dish bibimbap is “the most representative of Korean dishes.” But it’s also a dish that easily adapts to anywhere, including her Lexington kitchen. 

Spelled a variety of ways and pronounced bee-bim-bop, the dish is essentially a rice bowl (though Ann has used different grains) with a variety of vegetable and protein toppings, finished with a fried egg and seasoned with a characteristic Korean red pepper sauce. 

Jeong Hyun An

Montgomery is the founder of YAGO Farm & Food, LLC, for which she grows and sells healthy vegetables that are fermented, dried and powdered. Store products include the familiar, like okra, and the not-so-familiar, like yacon, a South American tuber. In her store, on her farm and in her cooking, she likes to mix and match the exotic with the familiar, both to investigate what nontraditional crops will grow in Kentucky, and to expose more people to the flavors of healthy foods. 

Bibimbap is just the dish for mixing and matching the exotic and the familiar for a healthy, cross-cultural experience. Find YAGO products at here.

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